Covid-19 Notice

Counseling Center is open for remote services through Spring Quarter.  We can be reached by phone at 360-650-3164 from 9 to 4 and our after-hours crisis support is available at all other times by calling 360-650-3164 and pressing “1.”  

For students seeking services spring quarter, they may call to arrange a time to talk to a counselor about support and resources. We are offering phone consultation and two online wellness series: “Wellness Wednesdays" and "Mindful Self-Compassion" to all Western students. 

In-person appointments have been suspended, but we will be providing telementalhealth sessions (as allowed by state licensure) for students who are appropriate and eligible for those services.  Call us with any questions about our services for Spring Quarter.  



Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you have the full attention of one of our counselors in an atmosphere of understanding, warmth, and insight. Our counselors can help you in a variety of ways because they are excellent sounding boards, compassionate listeners, and skillful experts in problems of living. In order to meet significant student demand for services and use resources most effectively, the counseling center utilizes a brief therapy model. Brief therapy is short-term and focused on helping students to resolve or effectively manage a specific problem or challenge, or to make a particular desired change.

Individual counseling is available to currently enrolled WWU students. Sessions are offered on a short-term basis, and are oftentimes adequate to address concerns commonly faced by college students.  Issues addressed in brief therapy include, but are not limited to, loneliness and homesickness, anxiety, depression, academic stress, low self-esteem, relationship problems, academic challenges, and identity issues. We have found that brief therapy is quite effective with college students, especially when problems are dealt with at an early stage. It is not unusual for change to occur in just a few sessions, even for problems that seem insurmountable on the surface.

Some difficult or long-standing problems may not be completely resolved in short-term treatment. Students whose needs require long-term and/or intensive support will generally be referred to community providers for ongoing treatment. Similarly, students whose needs require a particular type of expertise that is not available in the counseling center are also referred to community providers. In cases where long-term therapy seems best, our case manager will assist the student with a referral to an off-campus resource.

Couples Counseling

Brief couples counseling can help the parties of a relationship clarify and address interpersonal difficulties, improve communication skills, and improve how they relate to one another. The WWU Counseling Center is able to offer brief couples counseling to many types of couples including married, LGBT, roommates, and housemates. However, our couples counseling services are only available to couples composed of currently enrolled students. Couples who include non-student spouses or partners are encouraged to contact our case manager for assistance in finding an off campus provider.  

If you are interested in couples counseling, you and your partner must both call the Counseling Center to schedule an individual assessment during which you will inform the assessing therapist that you are interested in couples counseling.

If you would like to provide general feedback about the Counseling Center, please click on our feedback form.