Wellness Wednesdays

Wednesdays, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, via Zoom

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Self-Care and COVID

September 30, 2020
Presenter: Chris Edwards, Psy.D.

Join Chris from the Counseling Center to hear about ways of engaging in self-care, managing stress, and tending to well-being with a specific focus on the impact of COVID-19.
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Surviving Trauma

October 7, 2020
Presenters: Deidre Evans, MSW, and Nikki Cassidy, Psy.D.

Share space with Deidre from CASAS and Nikki, staff psychologist, to hear about ways of surviving trauma and living through the current moment. This session will focus on coping through use of mindfulness, grounding, and other healing strategies, with attention to the impact of COVID-19 and racial trauma.
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Building Resilience

October 14, 2020
Presenter: Brandon Joseph, Men’s Resiliency Specialist

Join Brandon from PWS to learn about what it means to be resilient. Discuss strategies to increase your own resilience and support mental well-being during uncertain times. This session will center resilience as it relates to BIPOC and the current climate.
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Staying Connected

October 21, 2020
Presenter: C.J. Swanlund, Psy.D.

Hear from C.J., staff psychologist, to learn strategies to overcome loneliness and foster meaningful social connections during a time of social distancing.
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Safe(r) Use

October 28, 2020
Presenters: Jacelyn Barham

Tune in to chat with ADCAS staff about safe alcohol and cannabis use for your Halloween celebration during the time of COVID-19. Staff will also share resources to help students who may be drinking or using more than normal as a means of coping.
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Coping with Stress & Anxiety

November 4, 2020
Presenter: Jon Barry, MSW

Meet with Jon, Counseling Center therapist, to discuss ways of managing stress and anxiety.
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Mood Boost!

November 18, 2020
Presenter: Chris Edwards Psy.D.

Hear from Chris, Counseling Center psychologist, about specific strategies to help improve your mood, practice mental hygiene, and support well-being! We will specifically address tips and tricks for use during COVID.
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Get Better Sleep

November 25, 2020
Presenter: Gabrielle Hope-Foucault, LMHC

Hear from Gabrielle, one of our staff therapists, to learn about sleep hygiene and strategies to improve your sleep habits.
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Mindfulness 101

December 2, 2020
Presenter: Tonya Pepper, LMHC

Hear from Tonya, one of our staff therapists and learn the basics of mindfulness practice and gain tools for managing stress and anxiety – especially useful during this time!
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