Wellness Wednesdays

Illustration of yellow sun rising over blue and white Mt. Baker with the words Wellness Wednesdays around the sun.

January 13th - March 10th
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

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Self-Care and COVID

January 13th
Presenter: Chris Edwards, Psy.D.

Join Chris from the Counseling Center to hear about ways of engaging in self-care, managing stress, and tending to well-being with a specific focus on the impact of COVID-19.
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Dare to Connect Creatively

January 20th
Presenter: C.J. Swanlund, Psy.D.

Hear from C.J., staff psychologist, and learn practical strategies to get out of our comfort zones, overcome loneliness, and fulfill our needs for meaningful social connections during a time of social distancing.
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Reality Check

January 27th
Presenter: Sam Haghighi, M.S.

Join Sam, doctoral intern at the Counseling Center, for a conversation about the reality of time and energy as limited resources, and discuss strategies to use them to your advantage.
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Beat the Blues

February 3rd
Presenter: Chris Edwards, Psy.D.

Hear from Chris, Counseling Center psychologist, about specific strategies to help improve your mood, practice mental hygiene, and support well-being! We will specifically address tips and tricks for use during COVID.
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Pleasure in a Pandemic

February 10th
Presenter: Tracy Dahlstedt-Rientra, M.Ed. + PHEs

Join Tracy, Health Educator, and the fabulous Peer Sexual Health Educators to talk about pleasure during the pandemic! Explore ways to safely enjoy sex and keep things exciting.
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Coping with Stress & Anxiety

February 17th
Presenter: Jon Barry, MSW

Meet with Jon, Counseling Center therapist, to discuss ways of managing stress and anxiety.
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Mindfulness 101

February 24th
Presenter: Tonya Pepper, LMHC

Hear from Tonya, one of our staff therapists and learn the basics of mindfulness practice and gain tools for managing stress and anxiety – especially useful during this time!
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March 3rd
Presenters: THRIVE PHEs + Amy Dunham, B.S.

Join the THRIVE Peer Health Educators and Amy, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, to learn how to thrive at WWU!
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Be Kind to Your Mind

March 10th
Presenter: Amy Dunham, B.S.

Join Amy to learn about how to reframe your negative self-talk. We'll discuss why the tone of our thoughts about ourselves are important, and learn concrete strategies for changing your self-talk from negative to positive and empowering! Just in time to conquer finals!
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