Wellness Wednesdays

Illustration of yellow sun rising over blue and white Mt. Baker with the words Wellness Wednesdays around the sun.

April 7th - June 2nd
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

All in-person, outdoor events will be limited to no more than 5 people (1 staff and 4 attendees) and must adhere to COVID guidelines (e.g. masks, distancing, etc.). Attendees must also complete a symptom attestation the day of the event. 

Active Living

April 7th
Presenter: Lori deKubber, LAT, ATC

Join Lori from the Health Center to learn about the Active Living program and making sustainable changes to your daily routine to incorporate physical activity in new and exciting ways! Then, put what you learned into action and join staff from the Outdoor Center at 4pm for an excursion.
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I Heart Feelings

April 14th
Presenter: Nikki Cassidy, Psy.D.

This workshop is an opportunity to increase your emotional intelligence. You will learn why emotions matter and how you can practice skills that enable you to better understand and regulate your emotions to live a more fulfilling life.
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Boundaries Are Rad! Communicating Consent and Practicing Community Care During COVID.

April 21st
Presenters: Liz Stuart & CASAS Peer Health Educators

Boundaries are RAD. This year has elevated our need to think about our comfort levels, needs, and boundaries as we navigate distancing. You have a right to ask direct questions that impact your health and safety, and to assert your needs and boundaries all the time! Join Liz Stuart, Sexual Violence Prevention and Outreach Specialist, and CASAS Peer Health Educator on Instagram Live to talk about communicating consent during COVID and beyond.
Instagram LIVE: Join by following @bewellwwu to view this IG live event!



Dare to Connect Creatively

April 28th
Presenter: C.J. Swanlund, Psy.D.

Hear from C.J., staff psychologist, and learn practical strategies to get out of our comfort zones, overcome loneliness, and fulfill our needs for meaningful social connections during a time of social distancing. Then, put what you learned into practice and join staff from the Outdoor Center at 4pm for a trip down to Boulevard Park!
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Healthy Minds

May 5th
Presenter: Amy Dunham, B.S.

Sit down with Amy to learn about what it means to be resilient. Discuss strategies to increase your own resilience and support mental well-being!
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A Nature Pause

May 12th
Presenter: Danny Moloney, LMHCA

Join Danny from the Counseling & Wellness Center to learn about (and practice) connecting with nature as a means of improving emotional health and finding a source of connection. This is an in-person event and will be limited to 4 participants.
Register by emailing Danny


Mind Spa

May 19th
Presenter: Chris Edwards, Psy.D.

Does your brain need a spa day? Join Chris for an hour of relaxation, guided meditation, and gentle self-care practices.
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May 26th
Presenter: Chris Edwards, Psy.D.

Hop on Zoom to chat with Chris about gratitude and the benefits of a regular gratitude practice. Then, join staff from the Outdoor Center at 4pm for a walk and reflection time around campus.
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Coping with Stress & Anxiety

June 2nd
Presenter: Jon Barry, MSW

Meet with Jon, Counseling Center therapist, to discuss ways of managing stress and anxiety.
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