Need to speak with somebody, and you're experiencing a crisis?  

We have emergency services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week click here.

Do you just want to learn some coping skills without becoming a Counseling Center client?  

Our Coping Skills Workshops teach different ways to cope with stress and don’t require disclosure of personal information click here.  

Don’t want to see a counselor in person?  

Check out our self-help videos and apps click here.

Feeling lonely or isolated?

Group therapy is often effective in helping address social concerns, while also providing support from your peers click here.

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?  

Our Mindfulness Group might be helpful click here.

Want to speak with somebody one-on-one?

Individual brief counseling might be a good fit for you click here.

Do you want a referral to a long-term off-campus therapist?  

We can assist you in finding a community therapist that accepts your insurance or provides sliding scale fee services click here.

Would you like a Counseling Center staff member to come talk with your student group or organization?  

We deliver outreach presentations on a variety of mental health topics click here.

Other questions?

Check out our FAQs page.